Deep cryogenic ranges, within reach
Advanced technologies require increasingly granular control, and precise fluid flow is essential for performance now more than ever. Shinwa's precision valves excel at handling and delivering exact flows of coolants, therapeutics, fuel, and other fluids for a myriad of applications. Our valves are also equipped to manage large temperature variations over infinitesimal spans of time. For instance, our valves maintain steady Cv values for fluid mixing at 1/3000 high resolution.
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Deep cryogenic ranges, within reach
New innovations in manufacturing technology call for lower temperatures. Chillers are temperature control devices with cooling and heating capabilities that work by cycling liquid coolant. Our chillers can hit temperatures between -65℃ and 250℃, and have a cooling capacity ranging from 500W to 100KW.

Solenoid Valves

Medium temperature line

This commodity valve is compact, durable and low-power with increased flow capability. Since the diaphragm perfectly separates the fluid from the active functional part, it enables application in corrosive fluids. With the use of a compact joint structure, users can simply connect a hose to fit into their applications.

Fluid Pressure Range
0 - 0.2 MPa
Fluid Temperature Range
5  to 40
Spec 3
Value 3
Titania Image

Motor Valves

Low temperature line

Shinwa offers two types of motor valves: Fluid Control (FC) and Motor Ball (MB). The FC valve can handle a variety of fluid types over a range of flows with high precision. The MB valve is a light, compact commodity valve that offers high durability.

Fluid Pressure Range
0 - 0.8 MPa
MB Fluid Temperature Range
0℃  – 80
FC Fluid Temperature Range
-65℃  – 100

Micro Valves

Ultra-low temperature line

Our micro valves are offered either as standard or pinch valves, and can be used for small fuel battery and cell type applications. These valve types afford extremely fine flow control. The diaphragm for the activating part allows corrosive fluid to be used as a separator. We also offer our micro valves in manifold or block is also available.

Fluid Pressure Range
± 50 MPa
Ambient Temperature Ranges
0℃  – 40
-10℃  – 40
Spec 3
Value 3

CH-7 Series

Test-probe line

Probe-testing of fully processed die on wafer requires specific temperatures range, uniformity and ramp-rate requirements at a high throughput. The CP series of small chillers is designed to meet the needs of the test-probe industry. Typical temp range is around 25C. With increasing chip densities and die count per wafer, there is an even greater push to improve these key features. Shinwa’s chiller family for this segment incorporates product features to address these exact needs. Our products are designed in to leading semiconductor test-probe equipment.

Temperature Range
20  to 30
0.36 m2
Spec 3
Value 3